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Old 2002-12-11, 16:14
New Blood
Join Date: Dec 2002
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Lightbulb Heya Friends!!!!

Somebody writes lyrics for power metal style?
We are the band with expirience and need now songs , maybe some body can write lyrics in this style?

Thank's for all who can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Old 2002-12-12, 00:14
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Atlanta, Ga, USA
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OOOOOOOh IIIIII am the wizaaard!
My spells are cast through out the night!
A maelstrom of shattering ice and blizzard!
My Goblins and demons, for me will fight!

Whyyyyyyy does the dragon besmerch me?
Whyyyyyyy must I take this quest and search the sea?

With my trusty bard's lute we flow down the path
To destroy the evil and take down their wraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath

Power to the mighty strong gnomes!
Reading through their elephantine tomes!
The spellbooks will guide me through blindness to light!
I must fight for glory, justice, and what is riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail to the power of the ancients!
Swoooooooordsplay on the rocky embankments

With my trusty bard's lute we flow down the path
To Destroy the evil and take down their wraaaaaaaaaaaaaaath


there you go

"As Horrifying as Being Raped by a Grizzly Bear in Front of a Full Body Mirror" one of my many song titles
Old 2002-12-12, 02:20
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Old 2002-12-12, 02:31
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well, talk about Dragons and Epic thing that'll be good
read the lyrics for Rhapsody, etc...and you'll see
Old 2002-12-12, 19:06
Gigantic Penis
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Look out behind you! That monkey has a knife!
Posts: 1,405
Code of the Power Metal Band

-lyrics by Gigantic Penis

1. We are mighter than all
We slay dragons and sing like we got kicked in the balls
We get no chicks
We have small dicks
Joacim got his ass kicked

Instead of cool and useful stuff
We spend all our cash on armor and weapons
No chicks come to us, but its okay
Cuz we prefer to masterbate to "Lord of the Rings"

2. You would first think were gay
But its just a fantasy game we play
We give metal a bad name
Our lyrics are repetitive and lame
and dont forget how Joacim got his ass kicked


what the hell is wrong with us?
do we really believe all this stuff?
we act like the D&D world is real
Our gay lyrics showcase a lack of talent and a lack of common sense
with that done, there is only one thing left to say.......


"Hey! They're working! My feet are soaking wet, but my cuffs are bone dry! Everything's comin' up Milhouse!"

"I guess it all works out in the end"
"Yeah, the REAR end."

-Beavis and Butt-head
Old 2002-12-12, 19:13
i will be god
New Blood
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: a slum town
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Originally posted by EmperorMalignus
We slay dragons and sing like we got kicked in the balls

LOL! Sad but true.
Hoookked Oon Phonicks woks fo mi!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

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