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Old 2008-12-09, 00:26
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drum trigger

alright so heres the deal, i use 1 bass drum and a dble pedal, i just bought a bass drum trigger and a module...when i play a medium tempo consistent dble bass beat, i get these weird little triplet sounds like in double hitting one of my beats, anyone know where that comes from? is it my style or play? should i use 2 bass drums which i have?
Old 2008-12-20, 15:20
New Blood
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you need to play with the settings in the mod.
what mod did you get? and what trigger are you using?

i used Ddrum triggers and a Alesis D5 mod for years. its a fine compromise between the gain, noise, decay and a few other settings i cant think of right now.
essentially, you need to teach the mod exactly what each bass hit feels like. a few cheats would be loosening off the bass head JUST ALITTLE to stop any extended reverberation of the head.
but its defenetly all in the settings.
Old 2008-12-25, 04:52
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Yeah, you definitely gotta tweak with the settings a bit. It's not uncommon to have this problem. Using 2 bass drums will obviously be a better choice in this matter, but a double pedal can work.

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