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Old 2008-12-08, 20:51
Cheese Co's Avatar
Cheese Co
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Does anyone have Acid Pro?

If so then is there a way to get new midi drum kits? cause they sound pretty layme, i know you cant expect much, but there has to be something better that can be downloaded or something.
Old 2009-01-16, 14:15
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Location: Auburn, New York
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I'd see if you can get your hands on a few NI plugins, a lot of them have good kits to work with. Or try out Drumkit from Hell if you are want really realistic sampled drums.

On a side note, I would suggest another DAW over Acid pro. I worked in a studio for a year or so with Acid Pro, and once I took a job at a larger studio that was running a combo ProTools/Cubase, I started to see the limitations. Not bashing your choice by any means, but if you can manage to get a copy of Cubase, Sonar, or even Pro Tools LE, they offer a lot more right out of the box than acid pro. hope this helped
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Old 2009-06-03, 09:25
the lamb
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I have been using acid pro for quite some time now (around 3 years), and am pretty content with it. However, I have heard a lot of people saying how Acid Pro is really basic and a starting point, so am contemplating on moving on to nuendo or something. And as i do not have a bank named after me, I will be first downloading a pirated copy and seeing how it suits me. However what are these limitations that you talk of in AcidPro (have you tried AcidPro 7?).

As for the Drum Kits.... What I do is write a basic drum track in a midi editing software (eg guitar pro) and then export to AcidPro go through Drum Kit From Hell and apply changes in inline midi editing (changes like which which cymbals and velocity and stuff).

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