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Old 2002-12-07, 23:57
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help plz

im not shure if this goes in gear talk or in guitar zone but it deals with both i gueas

i want to start ear-training and i had a idea i read about but it didnt say how to do it exactly.

i have a preamp that plugs into my guitar with headphones (its like a amp with headphones)and i wanted to hear a song in one earphone and hear my guitar in the other thought it might make it ezier to ear train but any help if yoll think yoll can thanx
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Old 2002-12-08, 00:14
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start by tuning your guitar with a tuning fork, it'll help you with flats and sharps
Old 2002-12-09, 23:29
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Yeah man, I can't find it right now, but i have some thing in my Guitar World mag where its some thing that help you play by ear and stuff, but I'll have to look for it somewhere. If you have aim then IM me sometime and I ll tel lyou what it is. My Screen Name is: paintballdude159 or drtbkdude9 i use both of those. Hail man and good luck@!
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