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Old 2008-10-31, 20:16
New Blood
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Which cab/amp should I purchase?

So.. I'm really considering finding a way to pay for an ENGL E670 head. I have almost no experience with testing cabs, I've only played on cabs that match their companys' heads at stores. Any opinions on top of the line cabs to match with this amp?

Also since the amp is so expensive, is there anything that I could consider if I want the best amp for a technical metal sort of sound. It has to be highly dynamic, especially with cleans. I'm trying to avoid buying separate heads for distortion and clean. I haven't tried so many amps, one that I really liked was the Egnater Tourmaster. I've read that a M/B Triple Rectifier can compare and it's a lot cheaper. I'm also seeing interesting possibilities with a Diezel Herbert.

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Old 2008-11-06, 20:35
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which one is the e670.

if you want an amp that is affordable and does clean and br00tal, check out the VHT deliverance or Engl Blackmore
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Old 2008-12-01, 14:48
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I know how to avoid paying for it, don't buy one! Just kidding, in all serious that amp is just for luxury. The aforementioned Blackmore is very good (I own it), but I would recommend either a good solid state amp (Randall) or a 5150. The Randalls are hi gain and extremely tight sounding and the old ones can be had for cheap. The 5150's are pretty standard and really tight sounding. If you don't mind buying used I highly recommend that. Jcm 900, 800, ENGL Fireball, and 5150 I or II are all relatively cheap if you buy them used. Think about it.

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