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Old 2002-12-04, 09:19
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writing songs

How do you guys write your texts? Do you have a certain pattern that you follow or do you just begin writing and see what comes out of it? I usually create somekind of pattern and try to follow that...
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Old 2002-12-05, 03:37
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Patterns are too restraining to express what I want to say. I just write and write and see what happens. Sometimes they are 2 lines sometimes it's 10 sets of 4 line stanzas, it keeps things varied.

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Old 2002-12-12, 01:39
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i agree. i dont like patterns. When i get time, ill post some of mine.
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Old 2002-12-15, 07:36
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I just wait till a lyric pops in my head and i go to write it down and sadly i use patterns...... i think its really gay, and i dont know why i do it . i try not to but then it always ends up im tring to rhyme, do sentences with so manys words. and most of the time i edit it so much that the lyric i had came up with isnt there. which is why i play guitar

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