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Old 2008-10-08, 02:29
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Behringer METALIEN iAXE629 or Ibanez RG170DX

Hey guys,
After a few of years of playing bass, I want to play some guitar to keep things different. I was looking for a cheap brand guitar and stumbled upon two guitars that caught my eye: The Behringer METALIEN iAXE629 and the Ibanez RG170DX

The Ibanez is a little more expensive, but will the build be better (lower action etc)?
The Behringer is like $70 cheaper and has USB connection, headphone jack and the standard jack to plug into any amp.

Which one (if any) should I get?
Any help would be great!

For anyone that might not be familiar with the behringer, here is the manual with all the specs and details:

FUCK, i just realised there's already a buying guitar help thread, but I can't delete my thread.

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