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Old 2008-10-06, 03:13
New Blood
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amp settings recommendations for Nile and CC?

So I have been lurking and occasionally posting on this board for over a year. After a couple years of playing, i'm finally starting to get into trying out some cannibal corpse and nile songs. I'm tuned down to A, and I need some advice from you all to get the right tone for these types of deep and rich distortion sounds (a la CC and Nile). I know that I constantly read you all telling people to put the mids up - the problem is, I don't know how far that is... set the mids to 8? to 6?

Here's what I'm doing:

ampeg SS70
bass: 8
mid: 4
treble: 6

combining that with an EQ pedal set to the traditional scooped V shape.

So, should I flatten out my EQ pedal all up way high? Should I keep everything the same and just put my mids up to 7? What do you guys think?

Also, second question: Is there slight reverb in the Nile tone? Not sure about that...
Old 2008-10-06, 15:03
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Reverb can add in slight additional treble due to the modulation process of adding reverb to the signal. And of course, then you get deep booming in some reverb. You are possibly hearing that. Although yes, there is definitely a bit of reverb in some of the lead parts. Try even a decaying delay.

I recommend 6 or 7 for your mid's. Although, yes, Nile sound fairly scooped. If you have a contour control (or mid-sweep), perhaps set it high to budge all the mid's higher and hollow out the sonic centre, like in V-shaped EQ's.

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