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Old 2008-08-30, 17:16
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 5
bass pre amps.

i HAVE to get rid of this piece of crap behringer bass v-amp pro. sure it sounds great and the amp modelers are great, but its HIGH gain input isjust way too hot. clips like crazy.

what are some suggestions of pre amps to go with my power amp.
Old 2008-10-23, 05:17
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Posts: 165
what's your price range? I like the BBE Bmax, available in SS or tube. It sounds great and has an on board compressor. The SS version can be had for about 200 used.
Old 2008-10-31, 04:14
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 5
thats a decent price.
if i get back into a band again playing bass, id probably pick something up up to $500. 200 is very resonable.
Old 2008-11-04, 01:34
disinformation's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posts: 54
If you can find one, look for a Sansamp PSA1 Not the PSA1.1 though, the original is better. Fantastic Live and recorded, just remember its a preamp for guitar as well as bass, but brings out some killer sound with a bunch of saveable pre-sets, works well with a midi foot controller too.

I think I picked one up for about $350-$400 U.S. in damn good condition used.
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Old 2011-06-12, 08:24
oddball's Avatar
New Blood
Join Date: May 2011
Location: montana
Posts: 36
ive been thinking of adding shit to my rig, but I play clean,dont know jack about bass effects any info would help!!
I play an Ibanez sr405qm 5 string through an Acoustic B600h through 2 Acoustic B410 cabs all Monster proline bass cables, got a Moreley crome volume pedal (1970's model lol) And a boss bass eq, but hardly ever use them.

Wouldn't mind an over drive or phaser or something just to mix it up allittle maybe a reverb or something.
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