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Old 2008-08-29, 10:45
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G'day all, also timing ect

I'm new here, I just posted a new angelcorpse tab as the one thats on there isnt even in the correct tuning.

I've been playing guitar now for about a year, and although I can play a few angelcorpse and kreator tracks, I feel I'm lacking something in my playing. I have no musical theory whatsoever, except I know a couple of major/minor scales, I need to know how important timing is, also how do I figure out what are 3rds, 4ths, 5ths ect, I know I sound like a complete nub. I really need a couple of excersies I can utilise to increase my speed and dexterity especially in going from string to string as I make LOTS of mistakes, I have no trouble tremming from string to string, but when it comes to more accurate demanding alternate picking I fail.

Any advice welcome,

- C.
Old 2008-08-29, 16:50
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Check out the Theory Forum for some useful advice on scales and intervals.
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Old 2008-08-31, 21:17
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Originally Posted by WithinTheStorm
I need to know how important timing is

Any advice welcome,

- C.

Best advice straight off, you do not need to know how important timing is. Either you get a good sense of timing and rythm or you're never going to be a musician.
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Old 2008-08-31, 22:24
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as far as timing you mean like learning specific time sigs or like how to stay in time with a simple 4/4? like the guy above said if you cant stay in a simple 4/4 your gonna have a hard time as a musican.
as for practicing timing just get a metronome and set it to a certain bpm and go with it. but pretty much go slow at first and work on precision rather than speed

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Old 2008-09-04, 05:20
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Thanks for the replies.

I have been focusing on timing while listening to music lately. I seem to have a great sense of timing/rhythm... most of what I listen to seems to be 4/4 with 16th and triplet feels during soloing... I guess I just didnt pay attention before. When it comes to writing to a tempo ect ill have to watch out.
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