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Old 2008-08-27, 00:06
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Mixer confusion

I havemy mixer and when it comes to technology I
'm really bad and I have a Mackie powered speaker and a microphone I plug it in the big whole but I was wondering is it possible to plug other instruments(electric,Bass guitar,) in the things that say line 2/3 line 3/4 because I want to send my music to my labtop for editing I got the cord on the bottom for the gateway from your amp to your mixer and I was wondering if I got another normal guitar cord and put it in the lines 2/3 and 3/4 and back through my guitar amp would it work or if their is a specific cord I need.your help is greatly appreciated

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Old 2008-08-27, 18:23
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If I'm understanding you correctly, it is possible to direct your guitar into the "Line Inputs" (like 2/3 and 3/4) although it would sound like complete shit if you're going straight in. Unless you have a decent head, you probably can't run it through your amp first but I could be wrong. Your best bet if you can't work it through with the amp is to run your guitar/bass like this: guitar > effects pedal > mixer.

Your best bet, however, would be to mic your and record it like that.
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Old 2008-08-27, 22:42
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Yea most effects pedals now have a line level mixer output in addition to amp output. Don't go off plugging out of your head into the mixer! Like Darko said the best way would be to mic your cab other than using a mixer output on a pedal or something.
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