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Old 2002-11-26, 10:50
Senior Metalhead
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Musicians Friend

hi i dont really know where to post this so if its in the wrong place please move it........I was wondering if musicians friend deliver to the UK or is it just american based? thanks for the help
Old 2002-11-26, 22:23
damonta's Avatar
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: west of appilachia
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No, it's only american. I posted the other day & didn't think of that. I think I've
heard of discount companys in England. Get online & look.
Old 2002-11-26, 22:44
mrweijia's Avatar
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does america cover canada aswell?
Old 2002-11-26, 23:16
Senior Metalhead
Join Date: Aug 2001
Location: harlingen texas
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i think they may cover canada, but im sure their will be a extra shipping charge.
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Old 2002-11-27, 00:21
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Why don't you just check out their website? Because that would be too fucking easy.
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