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Old 2008-08-15, 02:58
New Blood
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Gear related question...

I am a decent vocalist, and I have recently joined a band. Sounds all great, right? Well, it is, besides the fact that I now have to get vocal equipment. An easy task for most, but I have no fucking clue on where to start. (I'm originally a bass player, leave me alone ) Should I get a PA system with a good mic? I was looking at getting: + Shure SM58 but I am not sure. Any help guys?
Old 2008-08-15, 08:59
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Doubt you'll ever post here again but creating two threads over the same topic is against the ToS.
Old 2008-08-15, 18:02
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 6
Where did I create another thread? Or did I just not search well enough for another thread?

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