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Old 2008-08-03, 21:58
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recording set up suggestions please?!

Hi all,
sorry if this is in the wrong place...

I have guitars, small practice amp, kind of crap mike, fostex analogue 4 track, cubase essential 4, line 6 guitarport/rifftracker some cables and jack adaptors and PC (vista). (also making do with 2x 8ohm phono speakers until I can get some decent monitor speakers)

How do I set this all up to record on cubase - will I need a sound card (this sort ) or will the guitar port do?

Note - I havent set anything up at all yet, just been practicing with the line 6 (which wont save)
Note 2 - although Im a pretty good guitarist, Im not very clued up with techie computery stuff (until yesterday, I didnt know the internet was on computers )

Old 2008-08-03, 22:58
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I have that same Tascam audio interface that you posted. Anyways, that line 6 guitar port should work no problem as an audio interface as long as you got the drivers setup and all. Cubase should recognize it under the audio hardware settings. Then just set it to use that as the primary audio device. Now, the Tascam setup works better for mic recording because it accepts mic inputs where I think your Line 6 only has guitar level inputs, but should still work for recording direct in.
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