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Old 2008-07-19, 13:30
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Bias Question.

So yesterday my tubes came in the mail!

I tossed the preamp's in ASAP and she sounds awesome already! All that Is left is my power tubes.

with a little online research i know that the plate voltage is 480, and 25 is my dissipation, and eurotubes quotes it for "36 to 42mA" after the calculation of 70%. With that, on the back of my XXX i have the red and black bias test (JUST THE ONE!) for 4 power tubes. So when I get my multimeter in 15 mins, (hehehe) will it read for all 4 power tubes at once (IE 36 (for my mA) x4 (the number of tubes) = 144 mA? and thats what i will have to bias too? or am i wrong?


PS my new power tubes are 6l6G6's
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Old 2008-08-01, 05:15
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Setting your tube between 36 to 42mA will set all tubes to the same mA and i got XXX too and i think you cant set to 144 mA anyway. The reading on you multimeter is what you got for all 4 tubes. Setting to 38mA with your multimeter, you will got power tube 1 to 38mA, power tube 2 to 38mA, power tube 3 to 38mA, power tube 4 to 38mA.

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