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Old 2008-07-07, 04:49
The Angry Hobbit
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some lyrics from my party band
listen to the song here:

Before we knew about the pirates there was much out there to take...
Riots breakin' out, the stable economy at stake.
People goin' crazy, somethings goin' on.
So if you know what's good for you, you'll listen to this song!!!

Robot Pirates are coming...
They're going to enslave the earth!!
So drink some beer before the pirates get here...
and we're gonna fuck some shit up!!!

The robot pirates will be here soon, and there's not shit we can do...
So let's drink some beer and fuck shit up, and paint the old bridge blue.
Once we're done with all of that, the pirates should be here, and when all of it is said and done, we'll all be drinking beer!!!

HeyHeyHeyHeyHeyHey, Robot Party!!! etc.
Cometh my friends to the magical land of the forest of forever.
Old 2009-08-29, 01:56
New Blood
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this rules your so awesome dude!!!!

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