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Old 2008-05-02, 22:57
New Blood
Join Date: Apr 2006
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You guys won't believe this, Mark IV will not get DM tones.....BS!!!

I posted this on harmony central as well, but for the forumites here that give sh*tty/incorrect info/recommendations such as; The Mesa Boogie Mark series does not have enough gain or is not really an amp for death metal, think again.
Old 2008-05-03, 08:27
Soeru's Avatar
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Sounds pretty badass. LOL at the idiots replying to your thread. It seems like if you don't play any dumb simple popular metal in a video you post you're subjected to all sorts of narrow-minded generalizations over at hcaf.
Originally Posted by far_beyond_sane

(Did you know In Flames had a 2005 album called "Come Clarity"? How prophetic. I think they're trying to tell us all their sperm are dead.)
Old 2008-05-03, 15:27
the_bleeding's Avatar
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Location: Toronto, Canada
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if lamb of god gets their tone by coaxing low-mid gain out of them, its obvious that they'll be able to pull death metal :P
Originally Posted by Dahmers Fridge
In the US "fanny" is a word used to describe the ass or butt. Here in the UK "fanny" is a lady garden (vagina)
I was very bemused as a youngster watching the Golden Girls when Blanche said she was going to "spank her fanny" I had visions of a geriatric vertical bacon sandwich red and bruised from being disciplined!!!
Old 2008-05-03, 16:10
brainsforbreakfast's Avatar
El Diablo sin pantalones
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lol @ that thread getting derailed pretty fast on german flags
Originally Posted by Darko
Originally Posted by Requiem
Why would you sig that?
Why not? Why would you sig me saying that I hate you? I was serious there, too.

I'm in despair! The internet has left me in despair!
Old 2008-05-03, 20:01
MetalThrashingMad's Avatar
Death to all but metal!
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Any amp is good for death metal if you have a metal zone pedal
Originally Posted by Amadeus
"Ja mein little poodle, I will hang you by your nipples in my garage,
Old 2008-05-06, 23:27
Supreme Metalhead
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I prefer amps to sounds good (for anything) without a Metal Zone anywhere near it. If an amp needs a Metal Zone to sound good, then something is very wrong with the amp, and I would suggest spending your cash a little more wisely in future.

If I may, I'd like to say that the German flag does look kinda cool, as does Slayer's adoption of the German Eagle.

Nice clips by the way, I saw Suffocation the other week and they were using 5150's. No Metal Zones in sight then either.
Old 2008-05-09, 11:00
Soulinsane's Avatar
Pirate Lawd
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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Any amp is good for death metal if you have a metal zone pedal

+ hells yeah
Authorized Mercury Magnetics tech/dealer

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