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Old 2008-04-22, 21:10
New Blood
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Important question about screaming

Yes, I know it is a matter of technique, however, I have a more tangible question for you guys. In order to scream loud and clear, do you need to have a very strong head voice or a very strong falsetto (please specify which), or can you go on even if either is weak? And if either of them is needed strong, will clean vocal lessons help?
Thanks in advance. =]

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Old 2008-05-09, 09:11
New Blood
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I'm not sure about screaming, but for pure growling you need a really good sense of your chest voice, actually.
Old 2008-05-13, 23:00
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use your DIAPHRAGM

how many times must i say this.

headvoice is ALWAYS a no-no
Old 2008-07-14, 00:11
Pray for famine
New Blood
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it seems to me that no one believes in the diaphragm anymore.
that's a damn shame.
BUT that is where it comes from.
Old 2008-07-14, 00:27
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Originally Posted by Pray for famine
it seems to me that no one believes in the diaphragm anymore.
that's a damn shame.
BUT that is where it comes from.

Originally Posted by Amadeus
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Old 2008-07-14, 06:40
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Interesting. What I've wondered ever since I started taking vocal lessons is why everyone seem so preocupied with the diaphragm. Sure, it's useable, but it's like a belt, doing the same thing to your lungs and the air in them as if you squeeze on the middle of a bottle. What gets pressed up gets there with force, but you're not using your full potential.

When I listen to Halford and his banshee wails, I hear a very good klang - whatever you call it in English - reverberating around his la masquera, the area around the eyes and nose. A good free tone. But, whatever works for you.
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