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Old 2008-03-06, 23:31
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A short and relatively elementary work that was created a few days ago. If you have any criticism feel free to put something down.

Television, turn it on
Watch a series, see a movie
Videogames, pick up the pad
You control this outcome
Hints of escape
Slowly, yet surely daydreaming
cautious crawl to the troph

Feed on it, escape
Deeper yet, escape
Beauty in further complication
Avoid the reality
The truth is far
--Challenge it--

Faking any real progress
Fooling only you
Maleable acts, cribriform ideas
You really think so??
I beg to differ, friend!

I won't do the work for you,
you're probably used to that
So you say you've given up?!?
Don't make me laugh...pitiful

So your father shut down
So your family was shrouded in shadow
So a woman took you for a game
A friend treated you nearly the same
Stepfather violated the family law
So what if you live where people knew you
Get a grip and deal with it
A man will always make mistakes
It takes a real man to work on them
Waiting? I'll give you advice---
Let it out, don't keep the poison
It gets much worse the longer you-
Keep it hidden

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