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Old 2008-02-20, 22:58
New Blood
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Pedals for Sale/Trade

I have three pedals now that I'm looking to get rid of so someone help me out...

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah - had it for a while but only used it a couple of new, great condition - $65 OBO

Digitech Distortion Factory - only been used like 4 times...practically brand new - $65 OBO

MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive - had this one the longest but still never really used it much...great condition as well - SOLD!!

Willing to Trade for:
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
BBE Sonic Stomp
Boss tuner pedal
Jam Man loop
Boss or MXR EQ pedal

I'll take personal check, money order, or cash...NO paypal cause I don't have an account...I'll get pics if you really want/need them

I'll ship out the goods when I get the money/collateral...I trust you guys on UG for the most part but I don't want to get ripped off lol...You can trust me that I won't rip you off...I really want to get rid of these pedals for new ones or CASH!!!

EDIT: I might be getting a couple other pedals to put on here from my dad...they're really old...from the 80s but still reliable

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