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Old 2008-02-02, 03:26
New Blood
Join Date: Jan 2008
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hardcore vocals

im new 2 screaming and need sum help gettin the hardcore screams....the banner, bury your dead, hatebreed....i know how 2 use my diaphram already but when i attempt 2 scream i get a dm scream n i cant fig out how 2 get from that 2 the hardcore scream
Old 2008-02-03, 20:50
7-string warlord's Avatar
7-string warlord
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Location: Emory, Texas
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Well, if you how "to" do a death metal growl, why would you want "to" do a lame hardcore thing anyways? I belive for hardcore you just need "to" yell loudly, and don't use growling.
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Old 2008-02-05, 19:14
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whenever I go for a vocal similar to bands like Bury Your Dead, Hatebreed etc I tend to just do a slightly higher-pitched growl with alot of force to belt it out, alot more then a regular growl.

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