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Old 2008-01-22, 16:03
New Blood
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 44
Multiple techniques

ive been practicing for over 2 years now and i use multiple techniques which im sure those of you who also do so have found conflict with eachother. I have a decent range of screams but i can do cleaner screams with less grit thicker red chord like screams and nasally Black Dahlia Murder screams as well as a few other techniques that arent worth explaining. I also do a lot of different growls from gurgly dying fetus types to more forceful Crpytopsy howls as well as pig squeels and all that crap. I believe that a lot of metal vocals become very monotonous even as wed like to think otherwise. At the same time its hard to keep up with all of these different styles. Some of them will work great one day while others are lacking and the next day will be the opposite. What i really want to know is should i stick to a few styles that are more consistant and perfect them or just keep working hard toward having a variety of styles so i can make more interesting music. thanks in advance to any well thought out advice.
Old 2008-01-26, 21:10
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 42
I'd say just do as many as you are able to while still maintaining the quality of each individual style. Sacrificing quality for variety wouldn't be worth it.

I mean, doing tons of different types of vocals won't count much if you are not able to pull them off well.

Hell, even if you just perfect a few, you'll probably still be using more variation than many or even MOST metal vocalists out there.

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