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Old 2008-01-01, 18:10
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Queen of Autumn

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to start visiting this site more regularly from now on. Anyway here is a song I need to start recording. It may be a bit bold and arrogant so don't take any of the lyrics literal. Enjoy. Thank You!

The Heretic Queen of Autumns Fall from Grace

Her witchcraft and her fall from grace
What dark in me I conjure thee
By countless years in the darkness
Queen of night I invoke thy nascent

Cast out of heaven
With wings clipped from the ether sky
Hurling in almighty descent
In breathtaking crash

The heavenly father she does spite
Who sits high on his palatial throne
Prisoners to his reign of tyranny
Heavenís fugitive my heretic queen
To kneel upon his throne of monarchy
To be his fool, she opposes with high pride
For she is the mortal sinner lust
Seductive beauty, archangelic rape

(A slave to a tyrant she shall not be)

Nothing will dissever my soul from hers
Divine, our love transcends by far above all
Entwined by marriage unity of twain
Mother Earth who woos her Knight the heaven

You bastards! Burn in hellÖ

Our adamantine chains we hath forged together
Cleaved by the blacksmith with heated iron
Unleash thy Autumn rage of deathly blight!
Shed her leaves to strow the plains in red slaughter

My beloved lets regain our native seat
Let chaos be wrung throughout Heavenís azure
Carving murder on Heavenís blood spattered gates
Its mighty towers rushing to asunder

The equilibrium made unstable
Stirring powers shaking the skyís blue expanse
Distending the air blotting the suns rays
Presentiments, prophecyís of evil

His throne which stands on the ethereal mould
Which grows golden rich ambrosial trees
That rise high, majestic Atlas shoulders
Which bear lush luscious fruits of nectarious flowers

Pollute its virgin soil with thy whoredom
Gorge upon its fruits with impious hunger
Seeds that sluiced from her womb with excess
Spilling forth in blood, deep in heavenís bowels

Born from her filth, rise from heavenís womb
Birthing monsters of her fornications
Sprouting from the distorted seeds
Depraved heads tearing through the fetus

Their faces raised toward heavens obscured sky
Zealous rage mustering vast thunderheads
Darkness round which now resides heaven
Beclouding heavens Sire glorious throne

His own invented perverted torments
Horrid black tartarean fires
That wrought among his golden haired angels
Now requite his infernal tortures against him!

He who sits pomp with blasting hymns
Imposing forced ceremony
With strict subjection of worship
Eternal humble servile

What honor to stand in his presence?
A tribute of forced hallelujah
To kiss his phallus; whom she hates
Freedom in hell than to serve him

Yet again a glorious epic war
One glance at her red eyes draws death still as night
Time to wreak vengeance on those we hate
Sixfold rage unpitied, unreprieved
Our legions writhe the realm of night far and wide
To riven the firmament of heaven
With blackest resurrection to confound
The enemy in impendent horrid fall

Disenthroned, the king of Heaven
Regaining our absolute sole right
Ascendancy as Queen and King
Imparadised as sovereign rule

"We all die; but we don't all live."

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