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Old 2007-12-28, 22:11
New Blood
Join Date: Dec 2007
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ok im lost and its pissin me off

ok so im trying to scream and i cant figure something out. i think i figured out where the rasp comes from. if i sigh really hard, theres a rasp but its doesnt hurt what so feel like its comming from like the dent in your neck where it meets the chest. is this correct? if so, i cant figure out how to put power behind it without losing all my air in like literally 2 sec. i know im a noob and i suck cuz im asking on an online forum how "HARDCOREZZ SCREEEMSS LIKE THE METUHL DOODS" but i gotta find out somehow ive tried everything. i want like an 'all that reamins' kind of scream if that helps.
Old 2008-01-22, 15:52
New Blood
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ok try this breath in so that it feels like your filling up your stomache, then while trying to do that rasp push like your trying to take a dump. Dont push all your air through at once try to pace it so that your making a sound. Eventually if you doing it right the sound will become louder and of better quality. Eventually youll be able to form words through it and with practice youll learn how to change pitch and other various techniques that go along with screaming. Also most importantly DONT TRY TO SOUND LIKE SOMEONE ELSE thats how your gonna fuck your vocal chords up. Keep practicing and try to figure out who else you sound like (be truthful with yourself too) and practice to that music. Realize however that your gonna have your own unique sound and be able to do certain things others cant, at the same time your gonna have limitations that you should not push under any circumstance. Read around the forums too other people have a lot better technique advice than me.

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