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Old 2007-12-21, 09:58
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Ibanez SDGR

My bassist is going to get a new...bass. He found an old mint SDGR for about 600 bucks, i know that is a really low price, i've seen them in stores sell for about 1500. But, is it really a good deal? How does it play? Anyone ever use one?
He plays with his fingers, and we all play technical death metal to progressive death metal, anywhere from death to lamb of god. Is this a good bass for that general idea?
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Old 2007-12-23, 04:10
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isnt SDGR kinda vague?
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Old 2007-12-25, 08:39
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It's worth buying it, is it a second hand?
SDGR is a nice guitar.
Old 2007-12-25, 13:26
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Yes, go for it
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