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Old 2007-11-16, 20:42
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ON tour now with Cephalic Carnage,The Absence,Skeletonwitch,and Demiricous.

I got my tickets for the 19th at Pops.
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Old 2007-11-16, 21:28
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The Doctor
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Old 2007-11-16, 23:41
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Me himself
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I went when they came through my neck of the woods but The Absence didn't show (I heard their drummer stole their tour van after finding out he was going to get fired, which is actually kind of funny, I think), and CC didn't join the tour until after that date... me gots teh scr3wedzorz.
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Old 2007-11-23, 14:25
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Posts: 380
Well i saw them on monday down at pops.pretty good show.Opening band was called rusted skin then sounded like norma jean but much worse.Thanks to them im a half hour closer to death.Nest up was Year Of Desolation.They were pretty good they had a wierd like thrash/death/core sound going.It was sweet.The absence and demiricous did not play. Skeletonwitch was next.Their bassist had a ricky 4001 and warmed up with emerald by think lizzy.That told tha they were gonna own.Yep they fucking destroyed it,2nd best live band i have ever seen.Cephalic came out and play fucking awesome also.Way better than they played on summer slaughter.Then of course....DYING FETUS!!! They played for a solid hour and a half.It killed closed with grotesque impalement.Well fun night and worth the 14 dollars.
Im Better Than You At COD4

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