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Old 2007-09-20, 13:41
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Help on developing vibrato!

I need help developing vibrato! If you can do vibratos, how did u develop it?!?!?
Old 2007-09-24, 22:19
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Lots of stimulants.
Old 2007-09-25, 20:23
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vibrato comes from small contractions in the diaphragm or you can create a false one by twitching your jaw, however that works better with screaming then singing.
Old 2007-10-06, 07:05
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First of all, don't do it with your throat, it'll cause a type of damage I don't know the english word for - and then you'll sound like you're trying to sing with a cool rasp and is making a fool of yourself.

Find out about proper breathing techniques, and don't give a damn about vibratos until you have a strong and steady voice - from your guts and not your throat. Once you get there, it's mainly a matter of experimenting with small modulations from the diaphragm and the pyramidalis. Getting a good teacher to tell you when you're doing it wrong is always a good idea.
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