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Old 2002-11-05, 03:53
's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
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plz help

i been trying and trying and im not getting any better....anyone know of a really easy song i can get started with???
Old 2002-11-05, 13:05
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Old 2002-11-05, 13:44
mrweijia's Avatar
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iron man, its a classic, it'll help you with power chords, solos, and fingering.
Old 2002-11-05, 18:27
Def's Avatar
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Originally posted by mrweijia
and fingering.


try, pantera - hollow and drag the waters.

both nice songs and not impossible
Old 2002-11-05, 20:52
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This is my band's page
Old 2002-11-06, 13:42
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Anything by Green Day hahahahahahahah aaaahhahahhahhaahh hehehehehoohohohohoho - Mmmmmmm...doughnuts... arrrrrrggggghhhhh (drools)
Old 2002-11-06, 14:07
mrweijia's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
Posts: 2,931
haahhahahahha, seriously tho, that wont help you at all. try alos some songs with palm muting and tremolo picking, that'll help strengthen your right hand and wrist, and for the hell of it, play --1--3--5-- on every string, but when you do it. keep all your fingers on, it'll stretch your fingers like hell.
Old 2002-11-07, 16:45
Join Date: Oct 2002
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Any early Mayhem songs are great to start with.
Old 2002-11-09, 15:45
damonta's Avatar
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Early Metallica
Old 2002-11-09, 18:56
ThroneofbahoS's Avatar
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yeah... Try "one" by metallica. It's easy and cool. especially that fast solo.
Doom what thou wilt
Old 2002-11-11, 00:12
New Blood
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Location: Milan, Italy.
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Try with Mayhem's Freezing Moon...check out my tab of this song. That should be ok!

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