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Old 2007-09-04, 01:50
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Biggest crowds?

I'd like to know what band had the biggest crowds in the metal/rock scene.

I know Metallica had some pretty big one, and Guns N Roses too, but I'd like to have statistics and more accurate informations.
Old 2007-09-04, 05:08
Cunty Shunt's Avatar
Cunty Shunt
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That thing in Russia when AC/DC, Metallica, Pantera, and another band played.

Queen in Brazil.
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Old 2007-09-04, 10:54
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The Doctor
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wacken will sell 100.000 tickets for the '08 edition
Old 2007-09-04, 11:05
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RATM I believed pulled some crowds. And caused riots aswell or some shit.
Old 2007-09-04, 14:08
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X Japan had 60 000 people at their last live.

Luna Sea had 100 000 people at their 10th anniversary concert.
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Old 2007-09-04, 15:46
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The Cannibal Corpse-crowd at Wacken was hu-fucken-mongous.
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Old 2007-09-04, 17:36
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Me himself
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As for events, I know the original Woodstock had about 500,000 people, which was the world record thus then until 4 years later at Summer Jam at Watkins Glen which had about 600,000 people. God that would have been an amazing experience.
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Old 2007-09-04, 18:10
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Iron Maiden, Rock in Rio. Over 250,000 people.

"The concert had over 250,000 audience member making it the biggest heavy metal-concert yet."

If that is credible..
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Old 2007-09-29, 14:35
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wikipedia is basically the encyclopedia Britannica, so yeah ,it's pretty credible
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Old 2007-09-29, 16:11
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The Doctor
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Originally Posted by Wolfsherz
The Cannibal Corpse-crowd at Wacken was hu-fucken-mongous.

couldn't have been more than 30.000 (which still is a lot of course)

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