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Old 2007-08-23, 19:10
New Blood
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AMPEG AMPS...VH-140C Combo & SS-70C Combo

I have both of these amps up for bid...I may try to sell these locally or They may sooner or later hit ebay but thought someone here might be interested first, since they seem to be very well liked by Metal players. I have way too many amps and these just don't get the use they used to get.
They are both stereo amplifiers. And for the record they are both solid state amps, not tube but you'd never know it.

The SS-70C Combo has 2 10" celestion speakers and is in Excellent condition easily a 9 out of a 10. One 10" celestion has been replaced with a 50 instead of a 35 like the original. It has been slightly modded so as to be able to use it as an extension cabinet for the VH-140. But that has no bearing on the operation or tone of this amp. But you put both these things together and WOW>>>WATCH OUT!!! The sound you get is unbelievable.

The VH-140C Combo has 2 12" celestion speakers and has been gigged with a bit and has a few very minor scuffs on the tolex and a small run in the grill cloth about the size of a quarter.
I don't think you can even tell it on the pics. I'd call it an 8 out of 10.
It has the original very heavy Celestion speakers in it. it weighs about 68 lbs and has removable casters. This thing is a tone monster especially when combined with the SS-70 as an extension cab.

The only issue with the VH-140 is the the high input jack cuts out and you have to mess with the cord a bit for it to work. (Just an input jack thing) I just quit using it and now use the low input. Believe you me...when this baby is turned up..... 6db does not matter!

Both amps have spring reverb and chorus. Both amps have line outs and both have 2 external speaker outputs. You can drive 2 other cabs with either one of these amps! The SS-70 also has a speaker mute switch and a headphone jack for all you shredders that are marooned to an apartment!

There is a foot switch also...I only have one so the first person to buy one of the amps has the option of the foot switch if they want. The switch operates the channel switching, reverb, and the chorus.

Here is some feedback on the 2 amps from Harmony Central:

VH-140C 212 Combo

SS-70C 210 Combo

Make me a serious offer.....these are serious tone machines. anything over $300 for the VH-140C combo and anything over $200 for the SS-70C combo. PLUS SHIPPING
I live in the St Louis Area and I have no idea how much shipping cost would be. Like I said the big one weighs 68lbs and the smaller one is around 48lbs.
My pics are too big for here so e-mail me for pics or you can go to my "myspace page and check out my pics under "musical equipment"
Old 2007-08-24, 03:21
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the VH is one sexy amp, i'm not gunna lie. Where did you get yours? I may be interested, pm me for your sought after price, we'll bargain from there.
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Old 2007-08-24, 03:52
New Blood
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 6
There is no price is in the add it ain't eating anything.

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