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Old 2007-07-19, 23:48
Reivas Genocai
New Blood
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 7
Posting my vocals, would like opinions.

Okay, I've been doing vocals for a bit over a year and a half, and I've got my technique down pretty well. I often make vocal recordings and get pretty good feedback on them.

But I decided to hear what some people here think of them, I'm not perfect, but I practice and try my ass off so all opinions are appreciated. I did Bloodbath's Outnumbering the Day.

Here it is, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Also, I know rapidshare sucks, but it's better than nothing.
Old 2007-07-20, 00:32
Unanything's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Ballater, Scotland, UK.
Posts: 1,128
This is pretty decent. I suppose your voice is kinda backed up by those in the background, but for what I could hear, they were good. The screams were particularly potent.

Originally Posted by fatdanny
Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while fucking you in the eye. Brutal.

Originally Posted by floridadude
I coated the end of a toothpick with Satan's blood and simply wiped it across the top of an omelet. PERFECT!
Old 2007-07-23, 02:50
SuspendedByTheThroat's Avatar
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Location: FL
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not bad dude, but your vocal tone i noticed would prolly be good in some black metalish style thing.

possibly with layering.
Old 2007-07-23, 05:22
Reivas Genocai
New Blood
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 7
Thanks a lot.
I actually made a vocal recording of Naglfar's I Am Vengeance, so I guess I'll post that up too. Since you did mention black metal.

And currently, I am in a few projects, one of them is a sort of undefined metal band which I play bass and lead vocals for.
I am actually weird when it comes to effects personally though, I really don't like them too much, I would rather work and as for an echo, I guess that's what back-up vocalists are for.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. I actually had to turn myself down quite a bit because I was WAY too out in the open.

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