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Old 2007-07-15, 00:22
New Blood
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Guitarist Needed to Record an Album and Tour in Europe!

* Please make sure you read this entire post before inquiring about the position!

Solace of Requiem, a semi old school and technical death metal band from Virginia Beach, Virginia is looking for a guitarist to learn their number tablature for 7 songs to be recorded with Andy Classen (Krisiun Belphegor RottingChrist GraveWorm Nagelfar Sinister DewScented etc....) at Stage-One-Studio in Germany this October. Upon hiring, the guitarist would also be obligated to write solos for the songs and go on a small tour of Europe for the new CD.

THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME so the person would have to already have a passport or be willing to get one ASAP if hired. S.O.R. is looking for someone who can learn number tablature independently and very quickly, as well as someone who is well versed on their instrument and can write – play solos. A love for extreme bands and their music is also a must. (i.e. Behemoth MorbidAngel Skinless Death Necrophagist Carcass Dissection etc....)

The job description is as follows: Starting Immediately! Learn the number tab “independently” in a little over one month. Write your own solos to the material. Starting the first week in September, begin a practice regimen as a complete band in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Record the new CD in Germany in mid-October. Then go on a small tour of Europe until the first week in November.

Okay, this is the Bad News! Half of the number tablature for this album is written for a 7-string guitar. The other half of the tab is for a 6-string. The 6-string tab is written for Drop C but the 7-string tuning is a bit unconventional. The 7-string tuning is also in Drop C (From 1 to 6) so a second instrument for this project is not necessary. The 7th string is used for an extra Low (thick) string. The string is then tuned to standard below C. (D, A, F, C, G, C, G)

This Part is Very Important! The number tab the guitarist will be given does not convey the cadence - rhythm of the songs. Furthermore, no recordings of this new material have ever been made! So the guitarist would have to spend the appropriate amount of time with the band to iron out the riffing and structure to each song prior to taking the tab home with them to practice independently! Nothing can be gained by only seeing the tab. Immediately scheduling a few days to meet in Virginia Beach with the band to go over the album’s composition is crucial to this project’s success.

Now, this is what you get out of the deal: Keep in mind that all of this info would be included in a binding contract between the guitarist and band. Once terms have been reached, both parties will be required to sign the contract! You will be paid a one-time flat rate for your participation in the entire endeavor. You will receive thirty percent of that flat rate upon signing. The other seventy percent will be given to you upon successful completion of your duties. The total amount of that rate would be determined by your experience and abilities. You will not be required (in any way) to pay travel expenses for yourself or your EQ. Once you’ve arrived in Virginia Beach (until you get back to your own home) you will be given free drinks, fed one free meal a day, have a bed to sleep in every night and you will be expected to pay for nothing except for personal things through the trip’s duration. Basically, it’s not going to cost you anything to do it with the exception of getting your passport, unless you already have one of course. Plus you get paid to do it! The guys in the band are really laid back and it’s a great environment for music.

For More Info Call Jeff at:

or email Jeff at:

* Please note that this is a professional band! If you’re not quite sure if this is a doable thing for you, it’s probably not. The music we play is not simple by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll have to be very good to work for this project. I’m not saying we’re metal godz, but please only reply to this ad if you’re a professional musician who is familiar with this style of music. This truly is a great opportunity for whoever gets the spot, but please make sure that if you call about the job, you’re not wasting my time or yours by not being able to fulfill the job requirements listed above!

JEFF W/ Solace of Requiem

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