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Old 2007-05-28, 02:01
New Blood
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how to practise alternating kicks

im at the point where my left foot is as fast as my right foot, but im having trouble getting the alternating kicks properly done

i can sometimes alternate the kicks fine for 30-40 secs, but usually i cant hold the beat steady for more than 10-15 secs...and this is when i go rapture or lions den (morbid angel) fast, and faster

so i know the secret codeword here...PRACTISE!!!
but i was thinking, getting the alternating kicks down properly must be a muscle memory thing? so pratctising at slow speeds is better for that...but then again im using a different technique for going fast

my techniqe is sort of a twiching movement, but i dont twitch at slow speeds

sooooo...should i just pratctise at fast speeds and the alternating kicks will come by its self, or play slow and hope that this will improve the alternating kicks even for fast speeds????

and im just looking for other ppls experience on this...
Old 2007-05-29, 07:39
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Slowly speed up in one continuous run, when you start making mistakes, slow down a little bit. When it sounds tight again, speed up.

Everytime you start playing mistakes, you need to slow down or stop, otherwise you'll learn it the wrong way.
Old 2007-06-01, 02:36
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The Execrator
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Yeah definitly don't hope that it will fix itself. Never keep doing something wrong. Always follow the rule of slowing down until you get it right then work your way up in speed. Even if you use a different technique for higher speeds, you will work your way up through that point in the break of motion doing correct alternatives. Use a metronome and set it at a comfortable speed and just do double bass for maybe 5 minutes and just solo with your hands so it's not boring. Then keep going up 10BPM at a time and keep going until you see at exactly what BPM you start to fuck up at. Even if you mess up just a little bit, go back another 10BPM and play for another few minutes and inch your way up taking however long it takes for you to get better.

It's always important to remember that improvement doesn't occur instantly so don't give up whatever routine you chose to follow.

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