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Old 2007-05-07, 19:26
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Tips from Whitechapel's vocallist.

I always try to contact my favorite vocallists to find out what gives them thier punch, last night I contacted Phil from Whitechapel and I got some good tips, I hope they help.

whitechapel can be heard at

"Me:just wondering how to get some sweet vocal tone like you've got. "

"Phil: First off, thanks for the props man. Well, use your gut and your diaphragm to push out good tones and good breathing helps too. Just don't inhale, it won't sound as powerful. That's pretty much all I know to tell you. Good luck man! "

"Me: well i've got all of that down pat, I want that tone that makes the outward lows really grindy and evil and have almost the tone inwards have, my lows sound way too oldschool, you're a great example of that really grindy evil tone that's why I'm asking you."

"Phil: Hmm, well, definately try mouth placements. Make sure your throat is good and moist so that the sound can be thicker. A dry throat is noticeable when your voice cracks and shifts back and forth. "

"Me: yeah when my throat gets dry it tends to get very screechy and my vocals get extremely high pitched.
is there any special equipment that might also help? i noticed in one your pics you're RIGHT UP on the mic, if I did that with my mic it would make poping sounds.
condenser mic?
also another question, phlegm good or bad? "

"Phil: Phlegm can be good and bad. That can't be controlled, make sure you drink stuff before you do vocals. Best stuff for your throat is Hot tea, hot water, gargling salt water, lemon juice(not lemonade), milkshakes, smoothies ect. Something to moisten it. As far as mics go, I do cup the mic for a distinct tone and it helps with the sound you can put out. It depends on the PA you are going through whether it will pop at you or not. "

"Me: ah I was told not to cup the mic due to the fact it adds distortion, but then again, that's what you WANT in deathmetal.
anyways thanks for the tips, I hope to see you guys down here sometime. "

I hope this may help anyone else out there.

I really like his vocals and i'm going to try some of the stuff he suggested.
Old 2007-05-08, 01:00
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Ben Savage from that band went to my school last semester.
Old 2007-05-08, 19:21
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Posts: 304
hah thats sweet,

is ben the one that got in the wreck?

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