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Old 2007-04-08, 19:01
New Blood
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Columbus, OH Death metal

My comrade James and I are starting up a death metal band and are in need of a drummer and bass player. We will be playing guitar, so no guitarist replies, please. You must be dedicated for this. We will have a set schedule of practises that I will implore you not to cancel. A practise space is available. We both have experience playing live.

If you aren't 100% serious about this, then don't waste our time. This is not something to do as a hobby. This will be a band that you will play shows and make money. We will play out of state. We will have merchandise. James and I are both connected in the local scene and know plenty of promoters and fellow bands. While we are aware a band like this won't make millions of dollars overnight, we will be using the money from this band to make a living, so you must be serious about it. We do have a few songs and riffs we're working on, so there is original material.

Our influences include, but are not limited to; Death, Megadeth, Pestilence, Macabre, Hobbs' Angel of Death, Sodom, Destroyer 666, Possessed, Monstrosity, Nocturnus, Grave, Helloween, etc. etc. We're mainly going for a floridian death metal sound.

If you don't know at least two of these bands, we don't want you. No Gothenburg fans please. And if you need reminding, we are both professional musicians who aim to make this band a full time deal. If you aren't as dedicated as we are, don't bother. I apologise if this ad seems rude, but we are deathly serious about this band. (pun intended)

AIM contacts : NeverRunning280z, or Nafzger00
Old 2007-04-09, 05:13
Shreddist's Avatar
Supreme Metalhead
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Location: Ohio
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james morey?

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