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Old 2007-04-07, 15:12
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Caedere - Promo 2007 (Demo)

Caedere - Promo 2007 (Demo)

file under Death metal

Menno: It's always nice if you can tell you've just received some quality material without even listening to it. It's hard to imagine how much crap is being produced on a monthly basis by the most utter shit bands, so a neat looking promo from our well-known Caedere gives a nice switch of taste.

Their promo simply is called 'Promo 2007' and contains three songs which execute Caedere's vision on death metal perfectly. I could give an in depth analysis on the techniques of composition, how it compares to their early material or the comparison with other bands from the genre but that would just be bullshit. 'Need for Greed', 'Clones of Industry' and 'Scorn' are flawless little portfolio's to convince labels to get Caedere back in the shelves and on the stage. I don't see why this shouldn't happen and to be honest, it won't do the scene any harm. Sure, Caedere is US-death band number zillion but as long as they keep coming up with quality metal, who gives a shit?

Rating: 80/100 (details)

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