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Old 2002-10-22, 23:24
New Blood
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Hunger of the Nosferatu

(Intro 1:15)
Children of the Night,
Blood is their hunger,
Feeding on the souls gives them pleasure,
(Alex/Matt Leads in Unison 0:35)
Icy is their Touch,
Cold Hands of Death,
Arround your throat,
Seeping your humanity,
Now you can join them in eternity,
- Feasting on Blood,
- Hunger Nosferatu
- Searching for a victim to kill,
- Lusting for the blood to spill,
(Alex/Matt Leads in Unison 0:45)
(Guitar Solo 0:30 Alex)
Hiding in the dark alleys,
Like a scorpion awaiting its prey,
And if it cannot strike now,
It waits for a more suitable day,
They Live,
Hunger for blood is their weakness,
(Guitar Solo 0:30 Alex)

Another song i wrote just now i got the idea from Hunger of the Undead and watching blade too many times
Old 2002-10-23, 00:37
mrweijia's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2002
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i really like the title, and the content is pretty good. but i dont like the ending, it seems to just end. >*< .just like that.
Old 2002-10-23, 01:11
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its not bad, i give it 6 blood sucking bats out of 10, but i just dont dig the whole vampire thing

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