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Old 2002-10-22, 22:53
New Blood
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In A Darkened Cathedral

(Intro 1:15)
Masses of Followers,
Chanting calls of war and hate,
Chanting to obliterate,
(Drum Fill 0:15)
Calling out to their dark god,
the darkest of them all,
calling out for heaven's fall,
Screaming in unison as the maiden is sacrificed,
Screaming as the priest twists the knife
- The Black Cathedral,
- This Evil Place,
- Summoning Darkness through the Eternal Flames,
- Followers Gathered here,
- In Worship!!!!
(Guitar Solo 0:45 Matt)
Demons now spewing forth from the blackened gates,
Coming to the side of the unholy ones that summoned them,
Calling out to Satan and his Tormented dead,
Following this congregation of unholiness,
Using their Powers to pave the way for the dead
(Guitar Solo 0:45 Alex)
In the Darkened Cathedral

I just made this song up i had the main idea of what i wanted tell me if its good, i know it sounds a little cartoonish but i like those type of lyrics. Thanks
Old 2002-10-23, 01:12
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the first time was ok...the 2nd time it got the third time its just getting stupid.
Old 2002-10-23, 20:35
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I hate any of the references to Gothic stuff. Like literally gothic, I don't mean retards who wear black lip stick and thinks that'll keep me from kicking them in their shriveled balls, but rather to Gothic architecture like Cathedrals and the overuse of gargoyles and shit like that. So I hate it, but I'm not the kind of person this song is aimed at so that makes my opinion rather irrelvant.

"As Horrifying as Being Raped by a Grizzly Bear in Front of a Full Body Mirror" one of my many song titles

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