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Old 2002-10-22, 03:23
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Join Date: Oct 2002
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hey..i got a 10w amp coz i was cheap when i bought it...and when i get the distortion right theres too much feedback and its too sensitive, but when i set it down more the palm mutes sound like shit and u can barely hear them

is it my amp's quality or how i have it set? plz help
Old 2002-10-22, 04:37
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i say its both
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Old 2002-10-22, 05:29
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You have a 10 watt amp dude. . . don't expect a fucken BLS chunk from it
Old 2002-10-22, 10:52
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It's the amp.
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Old 2002-10-22, 16:27
's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
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well im not expecting super sweet quality....i just wanna know since i lost my better amp when my house burnt down and had a low budget on insurance when i bought my new one...i just wanna get an ok sound out of mine for the moment
Old 2002-10-22, 19:01
SandBlastedSkin's Avatar
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get a pedal, thats the only way your gonna be able to make it sound somewhat decent....
Old 2002-10-22, 21:26
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man you won't get a decent sound out of a 10 w amp, I think I would be depressed if I'd listen to a 10 w amp..

but, yeah the only thing you COULD do is buy a pedal... but then again, you could better save up some money for a good amp
Old 2002-10-23, 01:48
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IMO anything less than 40w is a waste of money, your not gonna get a proper sound, simple. 10w is just a joke....god damn, you could loose an amp that small.
Old 2002-10-23, 06:21
Darkenelf's Avatar
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I never knew 10 W amps exist.

I should go for at least 40 W, and get a descent pedal.

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Old 2002-10-23, 08:22
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Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Originally posted by morbid_death
god damn, you could loose an amp that small.

yeah that's true but you can take it anywhere
its hell of a lot more mobile than my 400w bassamp :P
Old 2002-10-23, 11:40
metal=life's Avatar
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i used to have a marshall 10 watt but i cant find it now.....big loss.. whats real funny is that marshall 15 watt stack.
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