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Old 2007-03-07, 03:59
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Fretless question

I just bought my first fretless, a Dean Edge 4 string, and was wondering what I shold do to make sure the fret board stays nice. I've already replaced the roundwounds with flats, but I've also heard people put Epoxy on the neck to keep it strong..Any help would be appreciated.
Old 2007-03-07, 11:48
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what kind of fingerboard is it? different materials are more subject to wear than others. Using flats should reduce most of the wear anyway, but it is possible to use epoxy on your fingerboard (that's what Jaco did).
Old 2007-03-08, 00:14
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The fingerboard is rosewood.
Old 2007-03-08, 00:43
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you realize theres practically a duplicate of this thread right under yours right?
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Old 2007-03-08, 01:58
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