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Demiurg - Breath of the Demiurg

Demiurg - Breath of the Demiurg
Mascot Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Rogga Johansson deserved his fame with bands of the likes of Paganizer and Ribspreader. Not too long ago he started a project together with Dan Swano (drummer Edge of Sanity) and bass player Johan Berglund; better known as Demiurg. Their first record 'The Breath of the Demiurg' has been meed available since 27-02-07 and can be seen as on of the more surprising records of 2007.

Demiurg's (death) metal is firmly based on the music of several bands from the black/death genre. Entombed and Satyricon are some bands that come to mind. The music is built on very heavy, pounding riffs, upholding drums, Johansson's adjuring vocals (which is mixed way too far in the back) and to top things of very atmospheric samples i.e. from horns and bombastic orchestras. Not bad at all, pretty damn cool to be honest. With songs like 'The Flesh Festival' and 'City of IB', Johansson has managed to do something new within the borders of death metal. It's just a shame that the unrefined vocals are underrepresented in the main mix, it's almost like listening to a whisper the entire time, something which works very atmospheric at the same time though.

Rating: 80/100 (details)

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