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Old 2007-02-19, 12:27
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Discreation - Order to Advance (Mini-CD)

Discreation - Order to Advance (Mini-CD)
Musicaz Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Apparently, the 'ordinary' 2005 release of Discreation's second MCD 'Order to Advance' didn't meet the bands expectations, for not even a year afterwards a re-release falls on my doorstep. Judging on the beautiful packaging and the amount of media stashed on the CD, the band appears to be a bit insecure about their musical qualities. The great artwork is the same as on the first release but looks way better on this high-quality digi-pack. A nice package, containing not only the album 'Order to Advance' but also the digitally re-mastered first MCD 'The Great Curse' and a video of the song 'Breeding Terror' (strangely enough absent on either of the MCDs).

Almost 70 minutes of material altogether and that is quite a big task to sit through. Primary reasons for this are the mediocre production and songwriting. The 'Order to Advance' part sounds very garish, the drums and bass should be way more upfront in the mix. Also not too professionally sounding is the re-mastered MCD 'The Great Curse', but taken in consideration that those recordings were done by the band themselves, they actually sound more brutal than the new recordings. Besides that, old vocalist Martin Schultz' voice sounds better than that of his successor Kai Müller-Lenz, in my opinion.

The band's music can be described as a mix of Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower and Dew-Scented. The music has some pretty bashing parts, but tends to sound a little uninspired. It seems like the band wrote some brutal riffs and placed them in a total haphazard order, which makes the songs incoherent and very similar. No doubt Discreation is talented, but they really need to know when not to play in stead of smearing riffs and drum fills all over the place. I think nobody is waiting for six-minute, mid-tempo songs without surprising break-downs or original solos. Besides that, I have to say that the first MCD is more interesting than 'Order to Advance', not very progressive.

Eight points for the package and six for the music Rating: 70/100 (details)

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