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Old 2007-02-19, 12:25
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Changer - Breed the Lies (Demo)

Changer - Breed the Lies (Demo)

file under Death metal

Menno: The always-picturesque Iceland hasn't got much to offer in the domain of metal. Like the rest of Europe, I'm pretty sure it has an active underground scene (and I don't mean the geysers!), but outside the borders it seems awfully quiet. Then out of the blue an demo from the band Changer arrives at my doorstep and the first thing I read is that it's produced by the one and only Tue Madsen. These guys either have a lot of money, or they had to crawl underneath mr. Madsen's mixing console to convince him of their qualities. I'm hoping they had the cash….

Anyway, Changer knows how to play a nice bit of death metal with a modern sound, undoubtedly the fault of Tue Madsen, en some clear melodic influences. The demo starts of with the perfectly dragging 'Breed the Lies', consisting of low, pounding riffs. The following 'Recaptured Sanity' is more melodic and even has a somewhat mellow intermezzo. 'Path of Anguis', the third song, is more of the same kind as the opening track, nothing wrong with it. It has to be said that the originality starts to fade from this point on. The vocals are rather monotonous and not varying between scream and grunt, the singer is screaming every once in a while, but the contrast is far to be seen. The closing song 'Odium' is a bit too modern to my taste; I prefer real bangers over slow breaks and intermezzos. Musically it's ok, but if this record took longer than the four songs it does, the attention would have slipped after those four. Ergo: perfect back-ground metal.

Rating: 69/100 (details)

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