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Old 2007-02-19, 11:40
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Lecherous Nocturne - Adoration of the Blade

Lecherous Nocturne - Adoration of the Blade
Deepsend Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Not too shabby, the Lecherous Nocturne record! Debut albums that sound as tight, brutal andmature as 'Adoration of the Blade' don't come by that often. Not a big surprise though, with musicians like Mike Poggione (Monstrosity) on bass and Dallas Toller-Wade (yep, the Nile guitarist) on drums. The band name, artwork and lyrics all make it possible to mistake this piece of brutalism for a black metal project, but as soon as Toller-Wade's drum-intro stops, all doubt gets blasted away!

Lecherous Nocturne destroys all that crosses its path to international fame with a steam-roller of a record! Their metal is rather complex and furious but gets layered with a thin black metal sauce here and there. Fingercracking riffs that remind me of Cryptopsy are easily interchanged with tougher stuff a la Morbid Angel. It surprises me what a beast Toller-Wade is behind the kit (he was only a session artist and has been replaced by Jeremy Nissenbaum). Vocalist Jason should be complimented as well, a very convincing singer.

The band clearly has its influences; 'Whorrified', for instance, sounds very Nile-ish here and there but who gives a damn. The band stands out because of the themes used in the music. No gore or bloodshed, but more sinister stuff. I've never heard an extreme death metal band sing songs about Allah before. The lyrics aren't exactly intelligible, but when you know the subjects, the album's atmosphere just gets a tad darker. Due to moving activities and rehearsals, no tour is planned but I'm confident it shouldn't take too long. I bet they'll open up for Nile. Very good, tastes like more!

Rating: 87/100 (details)

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