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Goretrade - Perception of Hate

Goretrade - Perception of Hate
Displeased Records

file under Death metal

Menno: Colombia always has been notorious for its lively cocaine industry and the great circumstances for the local farmer as well as for the distributor. A much underrated piece of South American export is death metal. The Colombian formation Goretrade has been trying to conquer the market since 2000 and managed to build up a nice discography consisting of two splits and two full-lengths, of which 'Perception of Hate' is the most recent.

Goretrade plays brutal and aggressive death metal with a very Dutch sound. It's not a coincidence that bassist Nestor Amaya is wearing a Sinister shirt on the promo picture. 'A Dutch sound' isn't quite the right term actually, for most of the Dutch death metal bands are inspired by the American death metal of the late nineties (USDM). Nevertheless, this record turned out to be a real smash. The riffs are chopping and consist of brutal low chords and fast licks. To be honest, the guitar work tends to remind me of the awesome Prostitute Disfigurement record 'Deeds of Derangement', while the drums, with the fast triplet blastbeats, are going more towards Pyaemia.

The production is great and it's really hard to criticise Cesar Vera's vocals, I might miss a sick scream here and there, but let's stay objective. A funded piece of critique is the lack of solos on 'Perception of Hate'. I'm sure they know how to do it and I think it's a shame. Solos keep things interesting and often are a pleasure to the ear. And using the Freddy Krueger song as an intro isn't the most original thing to do. As always, the pros and cons are weighed against each other, and within in a second, the pros crash down. Good album!

Rating: 84/100 (details)

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