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Old 2007-02-19, 11:29
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Resection - Zenith

Resection - Zenith
Unmatched Brutality Records

file under Death metal

Menno: The death metal world has certain unwritten rules. One of them describes the fact that everything put out by Unmatched Brutality is awesome. Opinions may vary of course, but the blokes from U.B. always make sure they bring out stuff on a regular basis as a confirmation to this rule. The new record by three united Germans called Resection is a perfect example.

Simon the guitarist/bassist, Konstantin the sick jellypuddinggrunter and Henning the drummer (also from Brodequin) take only thirty minutes to fill 'Zenith' up entirely with the sickest form of death/grind. Imagine Brodequin, but then with a decent production and a little less monotonous blasting. Other bands that come to mind whilst listening to Resection are Prostitute Disfigurement (vocals) and Devourment. Just a pinch of Cryptopsy here and there, add a thick layer of groove to finish things off, and tadaa; death metal victory! Of course a lack of intro's, samples or other distracting nonsense; hypertechnical noise without solo's please. The choice for death metal to accompany the well-thought lyrics on the future (or demise) of the planet and other hypothetical philosophy can be called rather ironic but other than that; very well done.

Rating: 79/100 (details)

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