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Old 2007-02-19, 11:28
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NOX - Ixaxaar

NOX - Ixaxaar

file under Death metal

Menno: The Dutch death metal all-star team Nox consists of members from Centurian, Severe Torture and of course Deicide and has been around for quiet a while. The first demo 'Zazaz' was released four years ago and has been their only release up till now. Up until now indeed; their debut is scheduled for release in the near future (this February to be exact) after the successful deal with Earache.

The record is entitled 'Ixaxaar' (ick-sack-sar), referring to a seal or gateway to hell. This reference also washes away all doubts concerning the bands main theme. The titles (and without any doubt the lyrics as well) are all written according to the three s's, sinister, satanic and sacrilegious. It's clear that guitarist/composer Rob Oorthuis tried to use these themes in his songwriting. The chaotic but clear death/black explosion which fills 'Ixaxaar' clearly proves his ability in this profession. The album opens without any form of intro with the merciless 'Choronzonic Chaos Gods' and continues to ramble on until the last tones of 'Zazaz' fade away thirty minutes later. The only 'brake' occurs at the end of the song 'Jesus Sect' with neurotic fly swarming. 'Ixaxaar' is very blast oriented, crawly and most of all; extremely aggressive. Nevertheless, all song are composed in such a way that it never starts to bore the listener; he/she will simply be pounded black 'n blue by the heavyweight called Nox.

It seems that these Dutchies are doing something right; a record deal with one of the biggest metal labels around is something to be proud of and combined with the experience of Nox' musicians I'm confident that it will lead to success.

Rating: 80/100 (details)

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