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Old 2007-01-03, 20:51
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isnt nile supposed to be touring soon?

I heard of a show in february but im not sure
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Old 2007-01-03, 22:12
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not that i know of...didn't check their website though. i just have this culture room (ft. lauderdale) handout i picked up last time that has shows through feb 27th. no nile though..jan 26 is mastodon, converge and someone else, feb 5th is god forbid, goatwhore, and a few others, and feb 27th is unleashed, krisiun, belphegor, and hatesphere..i'll be at that last one for sure..most likely go to the mastodon/converge show too.

edit..oh, i forgot to say..they might be coming down, but i figured they would be playing the culture room if they were since they have all the big metal shows in that area really. sometimes bands don't want to drive this far south into florida though, so maybe they won't play here.

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