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Old 2007-01-03, 01:46
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Selling EMG 81/85 Set, $135 (same as Zakk Wylde set just 1 less tone/volume pot)

I'm selling my EMG 81/85, perfect condition, not scratches or marks They have been used for only 6 months. Included are the two humbuckers, 1 volume pot, 1 tone pot, all the wires that came with it, and the pickup's housing, and screws to mount the housing to your guitar (two of the screws are very slightly stripped, you could replace these with regular black screws if you wanted, but it's not even seeing unless you're really close). I'll even throw in a 12 volt battery.

These are the newer EMGs that have the quickconnect wire, so you can swap them in and out whenever you feel like it. The 81/85 setup is the same setup as the EMG Zakk Wylde Set. The only difference between mine and the Zakk Wylde set is that mine only has 1 tone/1 volume, and theres no Zakk Wylde signature pick. Oh and that with me you're paying $135 for perfect condition EMGs whereas you'd pay over $200 for a Zakk Wylde set.

Contact me at my email, Even if you're just considering it, send me an email. I'll need some good communication with the buyer. Also you must pay for shipping (honestly I'm not totally sure about how much, though I'm positive it'll be less than $10).

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