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Old 2002-10-03, 01:40
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Putrid Odor of a Rotting Angel

some crap i came up in math class (Screw optimation)

-Putrid odor of a Rotting Angel

Cast forth to the realm of the living
For defying to worship the Father
Forced to live among Heathens
The Plague got to her slowly
Bloodshot eyes and Heated Touch
She braved the world still
It continued to affect her body
Vomiting Bile and a Withering heart
Her wings of grace began to fall
Feathers Draped over the ground where she stepped
Curious eyes gawk
Pale green filed her face
The trail of Feathers turned a dark brown
And Scorched the living ground
Her face began to peal back
Decayed teeth started to show
Skin too tight, bones poked through
She remained Steadfast, Her will refused to go
Fighting herself, She strained to remain standing
The smell of Rotting Flesh
Made the leaves turn gray
Blood Spilled out of her nails and eyes
She could no longer walk to the gates
Falling into the grass
Skull filled with maggots
Half eaten by rats
Her soul, forced to roam the world
Searching for the gate, that she could not find
Old 2002-10-03, 01:49
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Re: Putrid Odor of a Rotting Angel

Originally posted by uuuuhhhhhhh
some crap i came up in math class (Screw optimation)

-Putrid odor of a Rotting Angel

Skull filled with maggots
Half eaten by rats

it was good, until you wrote these two lines...
i think you should get rid of them
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Old 2002-10-03, 03:25
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i like it..not so much the religion bashing cause i've done and heard too much of it....and the C.C. title...but overall its good
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Old 2002-10-06, 04:22
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i think its well written, but i cant figure out why "Father, Heathens, Plague, Heated Touch, Bile, Withering, Draped, Feathers, Scorched, Steadfast, Rotting Flesh and Spilled" are capitalized
Old 2002-10-06, 04:55
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you've got my input back on UG uuuuhhhhhh
Old 2002-10-06, 15:55
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i tend to capatalize some things...i dont know why eaither. its a bad habbit...
Old 2002-10-06, 18:13
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and here i was thinking there were special meanings

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